Vietnam soldier with 1911 pistol
The Birth of the Colt 45 Government Model of 1911

Up to March 29, 1911, the official military hand arm of the United States was the Colt’s .38 caliber revolver. But on that day, as a result of the movement of powerful forces too strong to be resisted and which have been acting for very long, that good old revolver became obsolete and in its stead there was marked for the holsters of this Nation’s defenders the .45 Colt’s automatic.

The GLOCK 17 “Safe Action” Pistol

This remarkable pistol is a classic not only because of the success of its design but also for the materials used in its construction. Its extensive use of synthetic plastic or polymer materials has resulted in a revolution in firearms manufacture and design that has gradually been followed by most of the company’s competitors.

Beretta M9 Service Pistol
The Beretta Model 92

The Italian company of Beretta can boast of being one of the world’s oldest firearms manufacturer. It is generally accepted that the Beretta family started in the gun making business in 1680…

Benelli Shotgun
How To Clean A Shotgun

A fine shotgun should last many generations, and with proper care, it can. Even after a long day afield, it is the responsibility of the gun owner to clean and maintain his or her shotgun to ensure long life and proper function…

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