We’re so excited! GunTray.com is finally live.

It’s been several weeks of developing ideas and brainstorming and at last we unveiled our new site on October 30, 2020.

There a few test ads to start with that are there only for test purposes and to show users how their ads will look, but the site is fully functional. Of course we are still looking for broken links or missing files (we don’t say the name b*g) so if we missed something, please let us know.

During this first phase, we aim at populating the website with listings, and we’re encouraging you to sign up for free, so bear with us if you find very few ads at the moment of your visit. It’s just the beginning!

Our goal is to serve the Second Amendment Community the best we can, promoting its values in a tangible way.

We hope to see you here soon and meanwhile, happy browsing!

GunTray.com is the premier free firearms classified ads service in the U.S.A.
GunTray: The #1 Free Firearms Ads Directory – GunTray.com